We offer a diverse portfolio of paperboard products, including SBS, FBB (Folding Box Board), Blister Board, and various High-yield grades available in both sheets and rolls for offset and digital printing. With a wide variety of calipers and grades available, we service all types of customers, from commercial printers to folding-carton manufacturers.


Paperboard is available in C1S, C1S Plus, C2S, and Uncoated, from calipers of .07 pt to .028 pt.

Product Lines

Custom Sizes

In addition to standard sheet and roll sizes, custom sheet and roll sizes are available upon request, including small-to-large–format sheets and narrow-to-large–width rolls.


Folding Cartons, Postcards, Direct Mail, Posters, Large Format, POP Displays, Lottery Tickets, Club Cards, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Phone Cards, Greeting Cards, Top Sheets, Laminations

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